Yes! It’s the HR version of that famous television programme, Mythbusters!
There are three myths in HR that we regularly hear clients and professional advisors talk about, and we seriously need to bust them! Read more

The Covid era we are in continues to be an evolving landscape. For business owners and managers, the top of mind consideration is the Covid-19 vaccination and how it affects our workplaces. Read more

On 20 May, the Amendment Bill to increase minimum sick leave entitlements was given its Royal Assent. It’s a fairly straightforward piece of legislation in that it simply increases the minimum entitlement from 5 days to 10 days for most employees. Read more

There’s never a dull moment in HR. Although most moments are good, there are times when things are definitely not. Unfortunately the rule book for dealing with tricky HR situations hasn’t been written (yet), so if you find yourself struggling with an employee problem and wondering what to do, think about applying the emergency medicine principle of ‘triage’ to assess the scale and urgency of the problem and how to deal with it.

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On 1st April the minimum wage increases and a new top income tax rate takes effect. Here is a snapshot of the changes and a quick checklist for you to tick off before April rolls around. It’s nothing complicated, but it needs to be done this month. Read more

With the job market still buoyant, we are finding there’s plenty of recruitment happening through a combination of employees moving jobs and businesses looking to gear up for the future.

As a recruiter for your business, are you confident about running interviews? Read more

The government announced last year they will be making changes to leave entitlements.

What can we expect?
The indications are that: Read more

A friend of mine has a wonderful way of describing people who are off-the-scale demanding; the type who always seem to “think it’s unfair and want, want, want”.
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If you are like me, you’re probably thinking the world seems to be rather preoccupied with Covid-19 right now. Quite frankly I’m in need of something a little more light-hearted and that’s where the HR bucket list comes in.
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