It’s a Short Window…

Got a Serious Misconduct? Don’t Delay!

In our April newsletter the hot topic was serious misconduct in the workplace and how to manage the process. This month, equally important on the topic of serious misconduct, is the timing.

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The AWOL Employee

Every year we help a few of our clients manage a “missing in action” employee. You know the ones – the gone bush, dropped off the face of the planet, nowhere to be found type.

What do you do when you have an employee like this?

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HR Cases In the Headlines

In the news this month there have been three significant cases arising out of the employment relationship, which have caught my eye. The first case in particular is a shining example of why we have employment law. The second case speaks to why we need safeguards in place to protect the rights of employees, to ensure they are being fairly remunerated, and the third case is a sad one in which an employee did not get to return home safely to his family.

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“Be The Book” Photo Competition Winners 2018

People in Mind once again sponsored the Cambridge Autumn Festival’s fabulous “Be the Book” Photography Competition.

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The Dismissal

Serious Misconduct – Managing It Well

“You’re fired!” It’s the classic catchphrase of Donald Trump that turned abrupt dismissals into popular reality TV, but can an employer in 2018 really say this?

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STOP PRESS! 5 New Vacancies on 5 April

Destination Cambridge Inc

Destination Cambridge is seeking to appoint an experienced executive to lead the organisation. Cambridge has developed a strong proposition to attract domestic and international visitors. The organisation also manages the Cambridge i-SITE, a retail travel and tourist information centre. This is an exciting opportunity to take the destination of Cambridge to the next level.

The candidate will:

  • Have extensive experience in a senior leadership role in developing strategies and plans to achieve the mission and goals of Destination Cambridge Inc.
  • Be looking to advance their career through a CEO leadership role
  • Be self-motivated
  • Have strong personal communication skills to lead the Destination Cambridge team
  • Be a creative and innovative thinker
  • Desire to work closely with key industry stakeholders and alliance partners

This position requires a solution-based approach in developing and actioning strategies and plans for the destination marketing of Cambridge. Based in Cambridge, the position is a full-time role and occasionally may include work outside of core business hours.

Curin Contractors Limited, Cambridge

Our client, Curin Contractors, is a Cambridge based team specialising in residential and commercial earthworks, retaining walls, bulk transport, piling and general civil construction.

Business is growing and we need to help them keep up with demand. They are on the hunt for two new truck drivers – a Class 4 and a Class 4 & 5 trucker. If you can take charge of your day and think on your feet – we are keen to hear from you. Interested in finding out more information?

Curin Contractors are also seeking an experienced digger operator – someone who is a decisive thinker, a forward planner, and someone who knows the importance of a safe working environment. For full details of this role.

Karin Thomas Lawyers, Waihi

Karin Thomas Lawyers will shortly be taking on Don Stuart Law clients as Don heads into retirement. An opportunity has now arisen for a Legal Secretary to join Karin’s team in the Waihi Office. This role requires experience in property law and an “on their feet thinker”.

If you are interested in seeing our latest vacancies check out our Vacancies page.

Don’t Forget! New Minimum Wage Rates Apply From 1 April 2018

Minimum wage rates increased from Sunday 1 April, and as an employer you must make sure that your team are being paid at least the minimum wage.

The new rates are:
Adult — $16.50 per hour
Starting-out — $13.20 per hour
Training — $13.20 per hour

Note: The starting-out and training minimum wages are set at 80% of the adult minimum wage. If you want an explanation on each of these different rates, you can refer to the minimum pay rules on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment NZ website or you can give us call.

If your staff are already being paid more than the minimum wage, there is nothing for you to do unless you have specific requirements outlined in your employment agreement that you must meet. If you haven’t reviewed remuneration for your team in a wee while, now is a good time.

If you need any help in this area, simply drop us a line or give us a call 07 823 3250.

HR is Anything but Vanilla!

At People in Mind, we love what we do. As a profession, HR is anything but vanilla; there’s no such thing as an “average” week. This month, we thought we’d take a wee departure from our usual style and tell you a little about what we actually do here.

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Bereavement Leave – What Is It?

A client rang me recently with an interesting question. Could their employee take bereavement leave for their dog? The employee was genuinely grief-stricken and incapable of working. Was there anything the employer could do?

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Trial Periods – Manage Them Well

On 25 January 2018, the Labour Government signalled changes to the law governing trial periods. The changes are yet to pass into law. In the meantime it is business as usual, so I want to run through how you can use the trial period for new employees, under the current legislation.

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