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A friend of mine has a wonderful way of describing people who are off-the-scale demanding; the type who always seem to “think it’s unfair and want, want, want”.

HR Bucket List…

If you are like me, you’re probably thinking the world seems to be rather preoccupied with Covid-19 right now. Quite frankly I’m in need of something a little more light-hearted and that’s where the HR bucket list comes in.

Helping employees return to work starts with a good plan…

The Return to Work (RTW) Plan If an employee needs to take an extended break from work due to illness, injury or surgery, a RTW Plan is a positive tool to help them return to work safely, productively and in the right mindset. Having a plan ensures you and your employee are on the same […]

Helping Hand for Employers of Apprentices

Government has announced a new wage subsidy, specifically for apprentices. The “Apprenticeship Boost” wage subsidy scheme kicks off from 1st August this year, to help employers retain and employ new apprentices while dealing with the effects of COVID-19.

Our Handy Checklist for June

There are times when checklists come in really handy, and I think this month is one of those times. We all have a lot on our plate, so I have kept this checklist brief, but practical. 1. Wage Subsidy Key Dates & Actions The application date for the current wage subsidy ends 9 June. If […]

How do I plan for the future, today?

There is no doubt about it, most of us have been impacted in some way or other with Covid-19, whether you’re in a business where it’s back to work this week, in an industry that will be facing challenges for some time yet, or perhaps somewhere in the middle. Over the last few weeks I […]

Move over spies and baddies…

… facial recognition isn’t just for you anymore – we mere mortals now have this capability in our workplaces too! Biometric data to track employee attendance has long been in use but until recently it’s largely been in the form of finger and thumb print scanning via a digital clock. But our growing ability to […]

Now’s a great time!

2020 will see three key changes in the employment law space: 1. On 1 April the minimum wage increases to $18.90. We are encouraging our clients to think and plan for wage increases for their team now, even if the increases don’t kick in straight away. 2. On 27 June, new legislation around triangular employment […]