About Us

Our story…

Our story began back in 2001 when LesleyAnn decided it was time to leave the corporate world and go into business for herself. She gave herself two years to make a go of it and over 20 years on is still loving it!

Our name People in Mind sprung out of a brainstorming session with LesleyAnn and her brother-in-law, and it’s a name that quite simply says who and what we are.

When People in Mind started life over 20 years ago, it was as an HR consultancy. 5 years later we added a payroll bureau so we could provide broader HR solutions for our clients. Then in 2020 LesleyAnn’s brain needed another challenge, so we added a payroll consultancy that provides a more ‘human’ practical solution for businesses needing to review their payroll options and compliance.

What makes us different?

At People in Mind, we’re a little different from most HR companies. We’ve studied “people”. Employee behaviour is our specialty. Couple that knowledge with our expertise in employment practices and you have yourself a very strong employer advocate.

Employing people comes with challenges from the initial recruitment phase, through the induction and development stage, and sometimes unfortunately the disciplinary process.

As a business specialising in human resources, People in Mind Limited can work with you to help with:

  • Employment relations – advice, disciplinary and performance management
  • Employment compliance
  • HR policy – development and implementation
  • Recruitment
  • Representation at mediation

Unlike other firms, we only work with you, the Employer, and although we may work alongside your employees in the process of managing HR aspects, we do not represent employees in respect of employment disputes and grievances.

Clients choose People in Mind as their HR provider because of our proven track record in delivering effective solutions and our in-depth knowledge of what it’s like to run a business. 

And all of this is backed by our team of focused, experienced and superbly qualified people –

  • LesleyAnn Thomas
  • Erin Miliona
  • Michelle Brock
  • Abbey Finnerty
  • Julie Epps
  • And our fabulous intern Ianthe