At key times of the year, I confess to being a royalist. The King’s coronation was a pretty special occasion, and a visual feast reserved only for truly special events. Royalty is steeped in tradition and protocols, many of which are quaint, some archaic and others that are necessary for the preservation of the monarchy. Equally there are some that need to be modernised. And the newer generations of the royals are doing just that – modernising.

Why am I writing about royalty you might ask? Well it’s simple really. The British monarchy is a business just like the businesses our clients own. As business owners, we have our traditions that deserve to be honoured, and we hopefully have protocols in place that range from how we look after clients and our team, how we work and how we guide our team on behaviour when representing our brand.

Planning for the future
Do our existing protocols reflect how we do business, our team values, and the make-up of the team?
Are they still fit for purpose, or do we need to modernise?

Here at People in Mind we now have a diverse range of ages amongst the team and an equally diverse mix of clients. Some of our protocols no longer work so we’re having to quietly modernise. We have a growing number of international clients who have a small New Zealand contingent of employees. Working with international clients means rethinking our systems and potentially our “open for business” hours. Working with our fabulous younger team members means rethinking how we support the team to grow. It also means thinking about how to embrace their ideas and incorporate them into our work. And post-pandemic we’re needing to rethink our longer-term plans for where and when we work because flexibility is highly valued by both the team and clients.

Time to rethink and refresh?
As a business owner, is it time for you to rethink and refresh your processes and protocols?

Getting started doesn’t have to be difficult. By sketching out the client and/or life cycle within your business, you can create a roadmap for what might need refreshing and developing. Including your team in the process can add value to the process and build employee engagement.

If you need a starting point, reach out to one of the team here at People in Mind on 07 823 3250 or email [email protected]. We’ll buy the coffee and help you kick-start the refresh process.