The Fair Pay Agreements Bill has been introduced by the Government into Parliament. It has passed its first reading and people can now have their say during the Select Committee stage.

Purpose of the Bill

This Bill would provide a framework for collective bargaining for fair pay agreements across entire industries or occupations, rather than just between unions and particular employers.

The Bill represents significant change in how minimum employment terms and conditions would be established, and the scope of the Bill could affect all industries and jobs.

Timing of the Bill

  • The Bill was introduced into Parliament 29th March 2022, passed its first reading 5th April 2022 and has now been sent to a Select Committee.
  • The public can make submissions before Thursday 19th May 2022.
  • The Fair Pay Agreement system is anticipated to be in place shortly after the Bill has passed (expected to be at the end of 2022).

We encourage you to have a look at the legislation and make a submission if you wish (click here to make a submission).  For more information about the Bill, including the next stages of the process, MBIE provide a good summary here.

The Bill’s process is in its early days at this stage, and there hasn’t been a lot of commentary so far, but we will keep you posted as further updates come through.

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