Sick & tired of sick leave?

Businesses run on people power. When the power is reduced due to an employee being away sick, your business can suffer. Now I’m not talking about someone getting the flu, or having to be at home with a sick child.

I am referring to someone that is more seriously ill or injured and is off work for more than a few weeks and is likely to be off for more!

So what can you do?

Well to begin with you should ensure that each employment contract has a Termination on Medical Grounds Clause.( This website contains a number of useable and FREE downloadable templates you might like to use. Find them here)

When an employee is absent for more than a month due to sickness or injury and potentially there is an expectation that more time will be needed then this clause may need to be considered. I have included a stepped diagram to assist with the necessary process – generally this is what should take place.

Your employee tells you they will be off work.

  • Ensure you have the Termination on Medical Grounds Clause in the employment agreement
  • After 4 weeks you can request (at your own cost) a medical assessment including how much time before the employee would be considered to be back to FULL CAPACITY
  • You and the employee then meet to discuss options such as part time hours, alternative tasks or other options
  • After some time to consider the options a further discussion is had
  • If no workable option is available you as the employer can consider terminating the employment relationship on medical grounds.

We always suggest running it by a professional and qualified HR adviser such as ourselves just to be sure. We are happy to assist.

This is a tool within the employment agreement that allows you to continue to conduct your business appropriately regardless of the well being of individuals.

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