Building Employee Capability

We’ve always worked for you, the employer, to ensure that your HR resources (people and paperwork) are working for not against your business.

We can help you build your employee capabilities so you can expect more!

This is crucial when you have someone that is on your payroll that perhaps:
• seems to be making more and more basic mistakes
• is always missing deadlines
• doesn’t seem that enthused about the job

You know the sorts of things, the things you can’t put your finger on but that aren’t productive! This is when advanced professional development comes in.

An example of this in practical terms:

A client had a staff member that was undergoing training. The employer had to sign it off but was hesitant to do so because of some of the employees more personal attributes. Not a sackable offense but not a good look so to speak. So we sat down with the employer to ascertain the issues.

  1. They agreed on a plan of action including set outcomes and a time line for change
  2. We then worked directly with the staff member concerned creating a plan, and then supporting the staff member in focusing on their responsibilities.
  3. Voila, a few months later that employee was ready to be signed off having addressed the issues and became fully qualified in their field of expertise.
  4. And the business owner is back on track with highly skilled staff.

Sometimes an external perspective and accountability provides the way forward so everyone wins!

So if you have an employee situation that needs turning around, call People in Mind and we will pop out for a confidential chat.

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