At People in Mind, we love what we do. As a profession, HR is anything but vanilla; there’s no such thing as an “average” week. This month, we thought we’d take a wee departure from our usual style and tell you a little about what we actually do here.

First and foremost, we work for the employer. We don’t represent employees. That’s a key point of difference for us, along with the tailored approach we take to working with each of our clients. This is what we enjoy – helping our clients with their specific needs. Our client is the employer, but sometimes it’s the business manager we work with.

We do business over a cup of coffee. It’s perfect for breaking the ice and getting conversation started on what can sometimes be a tough and complex employment issue. (We tend to drink a lot of coffee!)

In any given week we might help a client recruit or, at the other end of the scale, help a client exit an employee. This could include a voluntary exit or a managed exit.

There’s a range of advice we provide on matters in between these two extremes. We advise on parental leave, guide employers on remuneration, write policies that cover off workplace standards, write agreements for employees and contractors, help with disciplinary matters, and guide an employer through a change management process, to list a few. Throw personal grievances and mediations in there and you’ll understand why we don’t need to join the police force for better work stories! Sitting alongside our HR services is our payroll consultancy and processing bureau.

Collaboration across the team is integral to the way we work. Ensuring we keep abreast of legislative change and best practice principles is essential, as well as continuing to be active with our own professional development.

So that’s a snapshot of our work, and a little about the way we work. We love HR. We get to profile, we get to investigate and, most importantly, we get to help our clients. We wouldn’t want to be doing anything else workwise!