Minimum wage rates increased from Sunday 1 April, and as an employer you must make sure that your team are being paid at least the minimum wage.

The new rates are:
Adult — $16.50 per hour
Starting-out — $13.20 per hour
Training — $13.20 per hour

Note: The starting-out and training minimum wages are set at 80% of the adult minimum wage. If you want an explanation on each of these different rates, you can refer to the minimum pay rules on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment NZ website or you can give us call.

If your staff are already being paid more than the minimum wage, there is nothing for you to do unless you have specific requirements outlined in your employment agreement that you must meet. If you haven’t reviewed remuneration for your team in a wee while, now is a good time.

If you need any help in this area, simply drop us a line or give us a call 07 823 3250.