As we all know, there’s often time pressure when it comes to recruiting. Perhaps a staff member has resigned; you’re growing and you need someone else on your team; you’ve just won a large contract. So you need more staff.

Before you leap in and place that first advert, here are four questions you need to ask…

1. What impact will the new role have on other roles?

To scope the role, consider not only what the new team member will do but also how it will impact on other staff. E.g. If you have decided you need a full-time person for a role that is currently part-time, you need to think about what will happen to the current part-timer. Will there still be a job for them? Will they be doing the same job or different?

2. What resources will you need?
What resources will you need for the staff member (e.g. computer, vehicle, office space) and do you have the finances to properly resource the role? Being organised with finances and resources means the new person can hit the ground running.

3. What will you communicate to your team and how?
Plan your communication to staff – the message and timing. Staff morale is important when you are recruiting. The last thing you want is for it to be an unpleasant surprise for your team.

It’s important to communicate to staff whether they will have the opportunity to apply. They may assume they will be asked, then feel let down if they aren’t. Communication and transparency are key.

Staff can also help you recruit – they bring their own networks so don’t be afraid to tap into them.

4. What impact will it have on salaries and wages?
When recruiting, if you pay market rates, consider what impact this will have on your existing staff. Will you need to review and increase pay rates for existing staff?

Recruitment, like all HR, works best if there’s a good plan. So, before all the excitement of recruitment begins, tackle these four questions and build yourself a good plan which considers all the issues.

If you need a hand at any stage in the process, drop us a line – we are here to help!