Over the life of a business, there are a multitude of scenarios business owners and managers face… you might be starting a new business from scratch, buying or selling the business, expanding your business, changing location, and the list goes on.

Often it’s not until you are in the middle of one such scenario that you realise the value of having standard employment procedures in place.

Getting Consistency
Standard procedures can absolutely make life easier for growing or changing businesses. Here are some of the reasons why…

  • Standard procedures provide clear guidelines for how employees should behave when they join the business. It helps them to know where they stand, what is required of them, what is acceptable (and not acceptable).
  • They provide consistency across the business and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • They make your decision making easier.
  • Because the information is readily available for employees, it saves you time on answering questions.

I encourage you to have a look at your procedures and do a bit of a stress test on them. Ask yourself these questions to see if they are going to do what you want them to do:

  • Are they in plain English?
  • Are they flexible enough to cover different scenarios (because you can’t always have a one-size-fits-all)
  • Can you future proof them to minimise having to revisit at a later date?

Having standard procedures is one of those jobs that you might think falls into the category of “getting organised before you need to”. But, from my experience, they are part of the basic structure of your business and will make you better prepared and able to make decisions with consistency.

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