Employer Resources

Because we believe that all businesses regardless of size or industry should have access to good documentation and processes we have created a number of documents that you may find helpful in your business.

Our resources are designed to give you a starting point and you should customise these to fit your business. If you need advice please give us a call. These resources are designed as starter tools.

Certificate of Service
If you are asked for a reference and you are not all that comfortable, use this Certificate of Service template
Certificate of Service
Discipline Meetings
You know you have to do it, we just made it easier and less emotional for you
Discipline Meeting Summary
Dress Standards Policy
Here is a starter policy on dress standards, which can be adapted to suit your business.
Dress Standards Policy
Exit Interviews
Getting feedback is vital in retaining future hires
Exit Interview
Leave Request Form
If you haven’t got a leave form for your business, here is a standard form that you can use.
Leave Request Form
Leave Policy – Our Starter Policy
Having a level playing field for managing your annual leave can make a difference – our starter policy will help you get there
Leave Policy
Performance Reviews
Finding it hard to get started with performance reviews? This simple template will make it a little easier to start the discussion.
Performance Review
Sick Leave Policy
Having clear standards for a leave of absence due to illness or injury is essential
Sick Leave Policy
Wage and Salary Reviews
A template making this time of the year easier and more of a process than a headache!
Wage & Salary Review