Work social clubs can be great for the workplace particularly when the team is a little larger. They can help bring a team together and they provide a social aspect to the workplace. However, they can be fraught with difficulty if the team aren’t all on the same page.

We have a handful of clients who operate a social club account where employees make a regular contribution through their payroll. Generally these social club accounts tick along nicely and are problem-free. But, when an issue arises, it can be a headache to sort out.

Avoiding the headache doesn’t take much. It’s about ensuring everyone knows how your social club works and what it is there to do. Having a fact sheet on your social club can help everyone.

What should you include in a fact sheet?

  • The ability for the employee to choose whether they opt in or out of social club membership. Social clubs are voluntary and you cannot force an employee to join up.
  • Information on how contributions work – how much, how often and how they are made.
  • An overview of how the club operates and how decisions are made on what activities the club organises.
  • Guidelines for what a social club contributes to.
  • Guidelines about when and how a member can opt out.
  • Guidelines on refunds:
    – when an employee leaves
    – if an employee wants to stop contributing
  • Guidelines for when a non-member wants to participate in a social club activity. We don’t advocate for exclusion though!

There’s a fine line between an employee genuinely wanting to be part of the work social club and feeling like they are expected to join. If your social club is part of your work psyche then it’s about telling the story so employees want to join.

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