… facial recognition isn’t just for you anymore – we mere mortals now have this capability in our workplaces too!

Biometric data to track employee attendance has long been in use but until recently it’s largely been in the form of finger and thumb print scanning via a digital clock. But our growing ability to use technology and artificial intelligence makes other forms of digital recognition much more accessible.

Could voice and facial recognition be the next big thing in managing employee attendance? I’m unlikely to ever introduce it in my workplace but I can see the sense in using it for roles where safety and security are significant risks. Like airline pilots – I’d take great comfort in knowing that the pilot is the real deal.

We’re a nation of small businesses (accounting for circa 90% of businesses in New Zealand). We work side by side with our employees and I’m sure we know our staff well. Unless you’re a large employer or you’re trading in the high-tech, high-security market then it might not be the right technology for your business.

But if you are thinking you might be an early adopter of this technology, you should ensure you have a robust approach to implementing it. Consultation, fair play rules and total transparency are critical as is the ability to respect particular beliefs and to have a Plan B option for employees with genuine concerns about using this technology. Don’t just jump on board because it’s the latest trend – do your research! Before you commit to it, if you are given the opportunity to trial it first, consider trying a pilot programme with some of the team. You want to ensure it’s right for your workplace.

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