The Domestic Violence—Victims’ Protection Act 2018 comes into effect from 1 April 2019. It entitles employees to apply for leave in order to deal with the impacts of domestic violence.

• An employee affected by domestic violence will be able to request up to 10 days’ leave under the Act.
• This leave is paid for by the employer.
• This leave doesn’t accumulate from year to year.
• The employee will also be able to request a short-term variation to their working arrangements.
• An employee becomes eligible after 6 months’ employment, similar to sickness and bereavement leave.

With these new legislative obligations, employers are entering new territory, and it’s understandable that employers can’t expect to have all the answers.

• Treat requests with sensitivity and confidentiality.
• It’s important to have a good process to consider requests under this Act. Be proactive about and implement Domestic Violence Leave & Support Policy.
• If you don’t think you are qualified to make assessments, seek the professional advice of an HR practitioner or lawyer early on.
• As you have no doubt heard me say before, “document, document, document”. Ensure you put in writing what you and your employee have agreed to, especially in the form of interim flexible working arrangements.

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