Business is about people: People that buy your products and services. People that supply you with products and services. People that help you deliver those products and services.

Many businesses know that their staff are an important link in the business process, but how many know how important they are as business owners to that employment process.

Owning a business is a challenge anytime! Knowing you have the support of an experienced HR Advisor can be the difference between looking forward to the challenge and dreading it!

People in Mind is the answer when it comes to working with people inside your business.

We can help you with a range of services:

  • From producing easily understood company-wide employment agreements to more specific tailored agreements for one off contracting relationships. Find out more »
  • Negotiating and resolving difficult employee relationships lessening the chance of having to appear at mediation and/or the Employment Authority. Find out more »
  • An effective automated payroll service that saves you time by managing your payroll every week, fortnight or month. Find out more »
  • Creating and maintaining proper documentation and systems so you can manage more efficiently. Find out more »
  • Having an HR Advisor on hand when you need some quick advice, or some in-depth problem solving. Find out more »

This is your business so let us help you maximise its rewards by helping remove the people management issues. Then you can relax and just get on with your business and your staff!!